Patrick Mahomes puts Sterling Mahomes through ‘not easy’ toddler training camp with NFL style drills

It is still a few months until NFL training camps begin, but at the Mahomes household, there are no days off. Patrick Mahomes is not taking it easy on his daughter, Sterling Mahomes, who is already crushing NFL style drills at the tender age of three.

Sterling Mahomes works out like Patrick

Sterling managed to pull a 25-pound weight on a sled, not too dissimilar from what NFL players do in the gym. She showed off not only her strength and coordination, but the teamwork to make it possible by dragging the sled with a friend.

The video was posted by renowned strength trainer Betina Gozo, whose daughter appeared to be the one helping Sterling. Patrick and his wife Brittany Mahomes both reposted the video on their Instagram stories, hyping up their toddler’s efforts.

The Mahomes family is full of athletes

Remarkably, these kind of athletic feats are nothing new for 3-year-old Sterling. Brittany has shared videos of her little one golfing, running backwards and frequently joining her at the gym for grueling workouts.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Brittany’s younger son, Bronze Mahomes, is already showing signs of a budding basketball career. There is seemingly no limit to the athletic greatness of the family that already includes a 3-time Super Bowl champion (Patrick), a former professional soccer player (Brittany) and a longtime MLB pitcher (Patrick’s dad, Pat Sr.).


Whatever they are eating in the Mahomes household is working like magic. The way that Sterling is knocking out her drills, Travis Kelce and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs will have a high bar to reach come August.

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